GoGuardian - Signup Process Redesign

Redesigned the onboarding experience for new users to install GoGuardian’s products.

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What does GoGuardian do?

GoGuardian is an Ed-Tech company that provides K-12 schools with software to help students access safe online educational content and software for technology management such as Chromebooks. In 2019, I worked with GoGuardian as UX Design Intern in Los Angeles, CA.


The Prompt.
Low conversion rate to access GoGuardian products
GoGuardian Losing potential customers

GoGuardian expands its customer base by providing new users with a free trial of their products. Although many new users attempted to access the free trial, GoGuardian noticed a very low conversion rate of its users signing up to access the products.

This problem was given as a prompt to me to identify the cause and propose a solution.

My Role

Responsible for all the research, design and testing


8 Weeks | July - August 2019

Team Members

Product Manager, Support Team Lead, Engineers


Sketch, Principle, Invision, Confluence

Primary Users
The Target Users.
IT Admins

Admins are the primary users in this case, as they are the ones who can go through the entire signup process to install the products offered by GoGuardian for their school/organization.

Secondary USers

They show interest in products offered by GoGuardian. As they cannot go through the signup process to install the products, they connect Admins to GoGuardian's team to get access to products.

Automatic Installation, Click on video preview
My Process Overview


Project Challenges

• No existing research has been done
• Unable to interview users due to summer break in schools
• Could not access competitors signup process

First, Understanding the Context.
Going through the signup process

To understand what stops users from accessing GoGuardian products, I had to identify all the steps involved in the signup process that enables them to access the products in the first place.

Existing signup process is lengthy and complex

Existing signup process
Discovering the Problem.
getting down into research

After I was able to identify all the steps that are involved in the signup process, I dug deeper into each step to identify issues that may hinder users' access to the products.

Then reviewed online feedback forum

With the help of the customer support team, I was able to review feedbacks received from users to understand the issues they encountered with the signup process.

finally, Mapped the existing user flow

I went through the entire sign-up process to experience and map all the challenges that resonated with what stakeholders and online feedback forum mentioned.


Project Upside

When conducting user testing sessions for other projects with IT Admins, I used the opportunity to ask questions about their role and daily tasks.

Analyzing Research Data.
Making sense out of research

After gathering all the data from research, I did multiple whiteboard sessions with the product manager to define our target users and map key issues in the signup process.

Defining Target Users.
IT Admins

To try GoGuardian products, Admins need to install GoGuardian extensions and change over 16+ settings manually in Google Admin Console, where schools manage their organization.


• Purchasing & Installing applications
• Manage and maintain Chromebooks


• Provide school with better management tools
• Help teachers access applications they want to try


• Signup process is complex
• Unable to successfully sign in


• Get quick access to new products
• Clear instructions on installing products

Identifying Key Issues.
Barriers in the signup process

I discovered three main barriers in the signup process that hinders admins access to GoGuardian products. The three barriers are miscommunication, authentication, and installation.

Three main barriers in the signup process

Issues identified in signup process: Miscommunication, authentication and installation.
Going Further.
Validating issues in Google Analytics

I further validated the issues found through Google Analytics by mapping users drop-offs at each step in the process. This way, I verified issues both from stakeholder's and user's side.

The effect of the signup process was worse than imagined as in January 2019, there were 10,000+ sessions to access GoGuardian products and had less than 10% success rate.


The Design Goal.

How might we eliminate these three barriers of entry to provide quick and easy flow for admins to access products.

Design Considerations.
Things to consider while redesigning signup process

After understanding the barriers, I took two design considerations to access the products faster.


Better information structure

We must provide a better information structure to help users take the right action at each step.


Guide in complex steps

Guide users in complex steps to provide a smooth & engaging onboarding experience.

Brainstorming Concepts.
down selection of concepts

I led the whiteboarding session, and we heavily focused on the third barrier i.e., installation, as this is the most complex step that takes time, needs technical literacy and better guidance.

New User Flow.
restructuring user flow

After getting approval on the final solution: Hybrid Installation, I restructured the sign-up process to resolve all the barriers that were hindering users' access to the products.

Design Inspiration.
Inspiration from other Saas signup process

Before I moved forward with the design, I took inspiration from other SaaS platforms on how they onboard their users so that I can optimize each page to be engaging and straightforward.

THings to consider in design

Building Wireframes.
Creating design structure for the new process

Next, I started creating wireframes to build a structure for the signup process and took feedback from senior designers to iterate on designs.

Style Guide.
Design pattern for new signup process

As I was also simultaneously working on the Design System for GoGuardian, I used the components I created in the design system for the signup process. View Design System

Style Guide
Looking at the Final Solution.
Revisiting Identified barriers

How I solved the barriers in the signup process.

1. Miscommunication
2. Authentication
3. Installation
Final Solution
Next Steps.
Users are taken to their respective forms to fill
Add Bookmark to Chrome Tab
Final Solution
Next Steps.
Admins are asked to select the products they want to try
Add Bookmark to Chrome Tab
Final Solution
Next Steps.
Admins choose how they want to install the products
Automatic Installation, Click on video for preview
Manual Installation, Click on video for preview
Error Screens.
When Admins fail to log in to Google Admin console
Add Bookmark to Chrome Tab
Design Success
Old vs new sign up process

With the new sign up process, I was able to eliminate more than 50% of screen visits while retaining all the installation steps to install GoGuardian products.

Old vs New signup process comparison

Usability Testing

Project Upside

During my final week of the internship in August, Schools started to open up again, and I was able to test the solution with six admins.

Usability Testing.
My process for testing the solution

I did qualitative usability testing throughout my design process from wireframes to high fidelity designs from senior designers and admins.

Add Bookmark to Chrome Tab
Results of Usability Testing.
Major feedbacks received after testing

Admins found the new process to be fast and easier to complete. Minor changes in context were needed to be universally understood. A suggestion if a short clip is given as an overview of the entire process at the beginning would help admins be prepared.


"I liked the new flow it's smooth, it's simple, and I don't think I would need to reach out to you guys with questions."
Tech Support Specialist | School district

"It's well designed and easy to read. I was able to follow along the entire process. I like it"
Assistant Admin | School district


Things I learned through this process:
• Don't hesitate to ask as many questions
• Involve engineers early into the project
• Seek feedbacks consistently
• Look into the problem from others view

Overall Impact

I pitched the solution to the heads at GoGuardian. After seeing the impact, they are currently negotiating with Google to access the automatic installation process. Now, the new signup process is released with a manual installation process.

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